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The SMK-100 Super Heavy Tank

The SMK-100 super heavy tank was the pride of the Soviet Union. Envyous of designs and prototypes comming out of earily 1930s Britain and later the French AMX-42 Grognard, the leadership of the USSR wanted something comparable of their own and issued order for the speedy developement of such a monster. Design Bureau of the KhPZ won the award and created the Sergey Mironovich Kirov-100 Super Heavy Tank. It was a simple design combining the hull of the Su-14 br.2 heavy assault gun with the raised hull of the T-35 very heavy tank, having nothing in common with the SMK heavy tank. The result was a considerable success, a heavy design bristling with guns and turrets on all sides. It looked marvoleus on parades and became the pride of the Red Army. However as a first generation- super heavy tank featured numerous problems, cheif among them, way overloaded transmission, uneven weight distribution, ridiculesly poor service record and poor ammunition layout. As the 1940 Finish war proved, these hogs were vulnerable indeed. Resulting upgrades increased its poor combat record but the design still sufered veary poorly when faced with faster, harder hitting panzers and kampfers of the german army. The KV-300 that replaced it was an overdue blessing to the super heavy tank corps of the red army.

Type: SMK-100a

Nationality: USSR

Year:1938 TV:xx Size:20 Crew:15 Maneuver:-5 FC:-2 Sensors: None Comm:-2/3km Armour: 16/32/48 Movement: Ground 1/3 Range: 80km


Buttoned Up, HEP: Cold Weather, Large Sensor Profile (R4), Inneficient Controls, Random Shutdown (R3), Fragile Chaciss, Fuel Inefficient, Poor Off-Road, Hazardous Ammo/Fuel Storage

Weapons: _____________Arc____S____M____L____Ex____Acc____DM____#____Ammo________Spec

203mm Howitzer ________FF_____23___46____92__184(368)_-3_____x18____1______40__________MR17, AE1, Slow (R1)

12.7mm MG____________FF_____1____2_____4_____8______0_____x4_____1_____800__________Rof1, AI, Coax

76.2mm L/30.5__________T______4____8_____16____32_____0_____x8_____1_____104__________----

7.62mm MG____________T______1____2_____4_____8______0_____x2_____1_____----__________Rof2, AI, Coax

45mm L/46_____________F______4____8_____16____32_____0_____x8_____1_____113__________MR3

7.62mm MG____________F______1____2_____4_____8______0_____x2_____1_____----__________Rof2, AI, Coax, MR3

7.62mm MG____________F______1____2_____4_____8______0_____x2_____1_____----__________Rof2, AI, MR 3

45mm L/46_____________Rr_ ____4____8_____16____32_____0_____x8_____1_____113__________----

7.62mm MG____________Rr_ ____1____2_____4_____8______0_____x2_____1_____----__________Rof2, AI, Coax

7.62mm MG____________Rr_ ____1____2_____4_____8______0_____x2_____1_____----__________Rof2, AI

76.2mm L/30.5__________L______4____8_____16____32_____0_____x8_____1_____104__________----

76.2mm L/30.5__________Rt _____4____8_____16____32_____0_____x8_____1_____104__________----

76.2mm L/30.5__________Rr_ ____4____8_____16____32_____0_____x8_____1_____104__________----

MG Ammo Bin____________________________________________________________10,000________----

Variants: SMK-100b Year: 1940

Change: Armour to 18/36/54, Range to 120km, Replace all 76.2mm L/30.5 guns with 76.2mm L/40.2 guns, Random Shutdown (R2), Comm -1/3km

76.2mm L/40.2__________XX_____5____10____20__ __40_____0____x9_____1_____80_ _________----

Variants: SMK-100c Year:1942

As SMK-100b but:

Remove: 12.7mm MG, all T MGs

Add: 14.5mm Machinecannon to replace T MG, 12.7mm MG and add 1 AA 14.5mm MG, Reinforced Armour (R2)

Change: Random Shutdown (R1)

14.5mm MG_____________XX_____2____4_____8 _____16_____0_____x5_____1_____----________Rof1, (Coax)

14.5mm MG Ammo Bin_______________________________________________________3,000________----