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Mar 09, 2005: French AT Guns up, M1895 introduced into Soviet Infantry Weapons.

Dec 29, 2004: German Infantry TOE 39-42 up.

Dec 23, 2004: Winchester M1895 added to Russian Rifles.

Dec 17, 2004: Pz I + variants up.

Dec 15, 2004: German pistols up.

Dec 14, 2004: Ok back in the field, been busy ;). French ACL135, ARL V 39, FMC 2C and AMX 42 vehicles all up.

Mar 3, 2004: French FT-17, Char B1, S-35 and several new french TOE's are up.

Mar 1, 2004: French H-35, R-35 and D2 tanks uploaded, as well as Pz Nbfz V.

Feb 29, 2004: US Rifles and SMGs, French Rifles up as well as numerous german and french TOE's.

Feb 6, 2004: So far up German, Soviet and British rifles, Russian SMGs and the SMK-100 heavy tank. Also History page up. More stuff commin soon, u hold on.