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Panzer 1944

Hard pressed to against the increasing technological and numerical might of the Soviet Tank and Walker Armies, 1943 saw true heavy combat on the steppes of Russia. Strained after the costly Citadel operation, the panzer battalions were once again thrown into the defensive reserve, counter striking Russian offensives wherever they appeared. This tactic heavily bled the Red Army, but the amassing tide of power directed against the germans continued to build up. The loss of Afrika Korps and the landings in Sicily and Italy were also felt by the german high command, but once adequate forces were sent there, the panzer battalions had no trouble holding the allies at an arms length in the mountainous terrain of northern Italy.

As heavier and more numerous walker and tank variants were being fielded by the allies, Germany responded by qualitatively upgrading its forces. The mass production of Panther and Tiger class of tanks and variants turned the still battle worthy Pz IV and its various models into a light tank, while the now marginally effective Pz IIIs were turned into specialized anti-tank and assault chassis and distributed to the infantry companies desperately starved for firepower. The integration of the Tiger tank into the panzer battalion slowed its overall mobility, but as they were now faced with mostly defensive battles, this was not seen as a major problem. The overall improvement in armor and firepower was decisive however, and 1944 would see many new tank aces among the panzer arm. The mass addition of Donner and Uller walkers relegated the now battle tested Valkurie walker to a light platoon, while the Loki was distributed to VolksPanzer and Infantry Battalions who sorely needed them.

Average Skill: 4 (Elite)

Default Morale: 2 (Veteran)

Panzer Abteilung Organization:

1 Panzer HQ

1 Flak Zug

2 Panzer Kompanie:

1 Panzer HQ

3 Panzer Zug

1 Pz Grenadier Kompanie:

1 PzGren HQ

2 PzGren Zug

1 PzGren Hw Weap Zug

1 Kampfer Kompanie:

1 Kampfer HQ

3 Kampfer Zug

Panzer HQ: PzIII Command x2 or PzV Command x2

Lt Panzer Zug: PzIV x4 (2x mix of PanzerjagerIV or Brummbar or Pz IV L per Zug)

Md Panzer Zug: Panther x4 (2x Jagdpanther per Zug)

Hv Panzer Zug: Tiger x4 (2x mix of Jagdtiger or Sturmtiger or Tiger II per Zug)

Kampfer HQ: PzKVI Command x2

Lt Kampfer Zug: PzKV x4 (1 Sturmvalkurie per Zug)

Md Kampfer Zug: PzKVI x4

Hv Kampfer Zug: PzKVII x4

Flak Zug: Flakpanzer 'Wirblewind' or 'Kugeblitz' x4