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Panzer 1943

Much fighting engulfed Northern Africa and Eastern Europe in 1942. Mass arrival of US and Commonwealth tanks, walkers and mechanized infantry, as well as the flood of new walkers and upgraded and superscience armed Tank Armies of the Soviet Union strained the panzer units once again. Overall, the Panzer Abteilung was an excellent all around unit, however when put against constant, numerically superior foes, and given no rest. It suffered as a consequence. The encirclement in Stalingrad and troubles in Afrika were a constant reminder of this. The slow, heavy panzer platoon was also a problem as it only worked well in defensive, being too slow and troublesome to keep up in an offensive action. New weapons began to be issued but in scale not large enough to help out the strained defenders of the Reich.

More technical changes to the panzer battalion were enacted in 1943. The removal of the ad hoc heavy tank platoon with the brand new Panther tank greatly helped to the offensive action of the battalion. These more mobile vehicles proved to be a very welcome addition to the panzer arm. The older PzNbFzV, Pz B (f), Pz AMX-42 (f) were than transferred to the newly raised VolksPanzer units being raised after the Kursk debacle. Additionally the light and medium tank platoons found to be lacking in firepower against numerically and qualitatively superior foe were turned into mixed Uberpanzer Zugs. These now sported a mix of tanks, assault guns and mobile anti-tank guns as well as superscience weapons in an effort to turn them into multi-purpose specialist units, able to tackle any task thrown their way. This increased the effectiveness and small unit firepower of the platoon, at the cost of increased maintenance head aches and crew training. This Uberpanzer platoon remained throughout the war, giving the commanders increased choice of options when facing down superior enemy numbers thrown by the allies. Infantry arm received a marked improvement in firepower with the mass addition of assault rifles (MP43) and improved anti-tank rockets (Panzerfaust and Panzershrek). The heavy kampfer platoon was also improved with the limited addition of the new PzK VIII Uller, to complement the Donner walker in service.

Average Skill: 3 (Veteran)

Default Morale: 2 (Veteran)

Panzer Abteilung Organization:

1 Panzer HQ

1 Flak Zug

2 Panzer Kompanie:

1 Panzer HQ

3 Panzer Zug

1 Pz Grenadier Kompanie:

1 PzGren HQ

2 PzGren Zug

1 PzGren Hw Weap Zug

1 Kampfer Kompanie:

1 Kampfer HQ

3 Kampfer Zug

Panzer HQ: PzIII Command x2 or PzV Command x2

Lt Panzer Zug: PzIII x4 (2x mix of StugIII or Pz III L per Zug)

Md Panzer Zug: PzIV x4 (2x mix of PanzerjagerIV or Brummbar or Pz IV L per Zug)

Hv Panzer Zug: Panther x4

Kampfer HQ: PzK VI Command x2

Lt Kampfer Zug: PzK IV x4 (1 Sturmloki per Zug)

Md Kampfer Zug: PzK V x4 (1 Sturmvalkurie per Zug)

Hv Kampfer Zug: PzK VI x2, PzK VII x2

Flak Zug: Flakpanzer 'Wirblewind' or 'Ostwind' or 'Kugeblitz' x4