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Panzer 1942

The year 1941 saw the german panzer arm put to the test, and rather successfully. The new infantry company was a great asset, when seizing and holding ground. The anti-aircraft platoon performed rather admirably supporting the infantry, as allied air power was hard to find in both the Eastern and African theaters. The kampfers were a welcome addition as well, proving their worth again and again in difficult or urban terrain. The addition of the ad hoc heavy panzer platoon was also welcomed. Although these were rare, slow and usually never made it to participate in blitz kreig charges, these proved their worth when facing the much vaunted Russian heavy and super heavy tank forces. However, thought to be prepared, the overall qualitative superiority of Soviet armor was still a shock to the germans, and only skill, determination and superscience helped overcome this, at the cost of blood and steel. The increased usage of superscience weaponry by the allies and especially the Soviets, as well as the entrance of US into the war with landings in western Africa, troubled the Germans, and they knew that intern upgrades needed to be addressed before the new generation of Nazi weapons, panzers and walkers entered the fray.

Although organization remained practically identical, 1942 saw much change in the technical aspects of the panzer battalion. Pz38(t) and Pz II were withdrawn from front line combat and used as conversions for specialized vehicles (Marder, Wespe etc). Each model of panzer also saw upgrades, especially in the area of firepower. New more powerful guns as well as armor (Shurzen) were added in droves in hope of improving the overall quality of the tank units. Infantry quality increased as well with the first issues of combat drugs, body armor, new automatic rifles (MKb42) and anti-tank rockets (Faustpatronne) to increase their individual firepower. The kampfer company received a major upgrade with the withdrawal of the now obsolete Pzk III and the addition of the rare but effective Pzk VI Donner to heavy walker platoons. Upgraded flak units thought to be a waste of resources only a year before became much vaunted as allied airpower over Afrika and Russia grew much more threatning.

Average Skill: 3 (Veteran)

Default Morale: 2 (Veteran)

Panzer Abteilung Organization:

1 Panzer HQ

1 Flak Zug

2 Panzer Kompanie:

1 Panzer HQ

3 Panzer Zug

1 Lt Panzer Zug (Opt)

1 Pz Grenadier Kompanie:

1 PzGren HQ

2 PzGren Zug

1 PzGren Hw Weap Zug

1 Kampfer Kompanie:

1 Kampfer HQ

3 Kampfer Zug

Panzer HQ: PzIII Command x2

Lt Panzer Zug: PzIII x4 (2x mix of StugIII or Pz III L per Zug)

Md Panzer Zug: PzIV x4 (2x mix of Panzerjager 105 or Pz IV L per Zug)

Hv Panzer Zug: PzNbFzV or Pz B (f) x3, Pz AMX-42 (f) x1

Kampfer HQ: PzK V Command x2

Lt Kampfer Zug: PzK IV x4 (1 Sturmloki per Zug)

Md Kampfer Zug: PzK V x4 (1 Sturmvalkurie per Zug)

Hv Kampfer Zug: PzK V x2, PzK VI x2

Flak Zug: Flakpanzer 'Wirblewind' or 'Ostwind' x4