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Panzer 1939-1940

During the early stages of war, German panzer formations were relatively inexperienced and as such their organization reflected this. Using relatively large but unwieldy panzer formations, which lacked infantry support, the panzer arm was adept at fast strike and breakthrough, but lacked finesse or the ability to hold ground or overcome determined resistance. By the close of the French campaign, the technical inferiority of the german panzer was also beginning to show, as only the poor coordination of the heavier and more powerful allied armour saved the German High Command from widespread headaches seen at the Ostfront when once again faced with poorly organized but powerful foe.

The typical organization featured either 3 strengthened panzer companies or an additional kampfer company at the loss of 3 light panzer zugs. Both showcased their strength as the addition of light armor helped to spearhead breakthroughs, while the kampfer proved very valuable in closed terrain and urban warfare where the lack of infantry support proved lacking. Typically two panzer companies were used as a maneuver arm and were equipped with one medium and two light panzer zugs while the third acted as the heavy strike and breakthrough company and featured one heavy and two medium panzer zugs. This made a total of 1 heavy, 4 medium and between 4 and 7 light panzer platoons. This proved very mobile and fast hitting, however the PzKpfw Neubaufahrzeug V did not prove itself very satisfactory as a heavy tank, and when faced with opposition such as the french B1 or AMX-42, only the fast hitting light and medium panzer arm saved the day. Kampfer arm itself was very archaic at the time, consisting of mostly light and medium platoons. The Pzk III was itself successful only in reconnaissance and urban warfare roles, while the much sought after PzK V was a rare sight on the battlefield. Typically, 2 light and 1 medium walker platoons were used although during 1940, one of each category of walker was present in the company, providing it with multi purpose and varied abilities.

Average Skill: 2 (Qualified)

Default Morale: 3 (Qualified)

Panzer Abteilung Organization:

1 Panzer HQ

1 Flak Zug (towed)

3 Panzer Kompanie:

1 Panzer HQ

3 Panzer Zug

1 Lt Panzer Zug (Opt1)

1 Kampfer Kompanie (Opt2):

1 Kampfer HQ

3 Kampfer Zug

Panzer HQ: Befehlwagen x2 or PzIII Command x2

Lt Panzer Zug : PzI x5 (3x mix of Panzerjager I or Sturmpanzer I)Opt 1940

Md Panzer Zug: Pz38t x3, PzII x2 or PzIII x5 (2x mix of StugIII)Opt 1940

Hv Panzer Zug: PzNbFzV x2, PzIV x3

Kampfer HQ: PzKV Command x2

Lt Kampfer Zug: PzK III x5

Md Kampfer Zug: PzK IV x5

Hv Kampfer Zug: PzK V x5

Flak Zug: 2cm Flak 38 or 3.7cm Flak 37 + Truck x5