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Grenadier Abteilung 1941 (Infantry Regiment)

The victories of 1939 and 1940 were a testament to the grenadier's effectiveness. Even though most Heer resources were funneled into SS, panzer and panzergrenadier units, foot infantry managed to do very well considering the few resources it was given. However, as the inevitable clash with the Reds approached, it was seen that the infantry too would need improvements to stem the human wave and massed armor formations awaiting them. Many incremental but valuable upgrades followed. First the next to useless panzerbuchse 39 anti-tank rifle was retired as it was found useless on anything above a light walker or armored car. Its production lines were kept however but converted into the granatbuche 39 dedicated grenade launcher. It was found to be much more usefull and accurate than rifle launched grenades and distributed to infantry squads to agument their firepower. The kampfpistole, a grenade launching assault pistol was issued to NCO's to aid them in assault tasks, and proved to a effective, if quirky weapon. The anti-tank rifle teams were enlarged and given the mass stocks of Pak36 and Pak112(f) light anti-tank guns instead, greatly agumenting their anti-vehicle firepower. The Pack 36 was itself agumented with the StielGr41 "stick bomb", a 160mm HEAT rocket mounted over the barrel to give the weapon a extremely lethal but short range kick. This proved extremely welcome, as it gave the weapon good ambush potential agaist even the heaviest armor. The anti-tank zug itself was upgunned with the surplus 5cm Pak 38, 4.7cm Pak181(f) or Skoda 4.7cm which gave a good standing in Russia and Afrika. Anti-infantry power was agumented with the addition of another MG team to the MG zug (for a total of 12 MMGs), as well as the first examples of semi-automatic rifles trickling down in small numbers to agument the individual squads firepower. Increase in the production of armored cars caused them to become a common sight in the infantry regiment as well. And lastly, the huge numers of FT-17s captured in both Poland and especialy France were modernized and distributed among the infantry formations, as their slow speed prevented them to be used in any other way.

Grenadier Infantry:

Average Skill: 2 (Qualified)

Default Morale: 2 (Veteran)

Grenadier Abteilung Organization:

1 HQ Section

1 Lt Flak Zug (horse drawn)

1 Anti-Tank Zug (horse drawn)

1 Sturmpioneer Kompanie (Optional)

1 Armored Car Zug

3 Infantry Company: (Optional) Up to 1 infantry company can be mechanized. Add Pzkpfw 18R per section.

1 HQ Section

3 Grenadier Zug

1 Hv Weapon Zug

1 Infantry Support Company:

1 HQ Section

1 Mortar Zug

1 MG Zug

1 Infantry Gun Zug

1 Sturmpioneer Company: (Optional)

1 Sturmpioneer HQ

3 Sturmpioneer Zug

Platoon Organization:

Grenadier Zug:

1 HQ Section

3 Infantry Sections

Grenadier Heavy Weapon Zug:

1 HQ Section

1 MG Section (3x MG Teams)

1 AT Rifle Section (3x AT Teams)

1 Lt Mortar Section (3x 51mm Mortar Teams)

Mortar Zug:

1 HQ Section

4x 81mm Mortar

MG Zug:

1 HQ Section

4x MG Section (12x MG Teams)

Infantry Gun Zug:

1 HQ Section

4x 75mm IG Gun

Lt Flak Zug:

4x 2cm Flak 38 or 3.7cm Flak 37 + Horse

Anti Tank Zug:

4x 5cm Pak 38 or 4.7cm Pak 181(f) or Skoda 4.7cm + Horse

Armored Car Zug:

6x Sdkfz 222 or Sdkfz 234

Sturmpioneer Zug:

1 Sturmpioneer HQ

3 Sturmpioneer Section

Grenadier Infantry:

HQ Section Infantry Section Mortar Section Sturmpioneer HQ Sturmpioneer Section
Officer w/SMG, Binoculars NCO w/SMG, Kampfpistole NCO w/SMG, Kampfpistole Officer w/SMG, Kampfpistole NCO w/SMG, Kampfpistole
NCO w/SMG, Radio Trooper w/LMG 3x Trooper w/51mm Mortar NCO w/SMG, Satchel Charge Trooper w/LMG
Trooper w/LMG Assistant w/Rifle 3x Assistant w/Rifle NCO w/SMG, Satchel Charge Assistant w/Rifle
Assistant w/Rifle Trooper w/SMG, Grenade 3x Assistant w/Rifle Trooper w/Rifle, Radio Trooper w/Flamethrower
Assistant w/Rifle Trooper w/SA Rifle, Grenade   Trooper w/LMG Trooper w/SMG, Satcher Charge
  Trooper w/Rifle, Grenade MG Section Assistant w/Rifle Trooper w/SMG, Satcher Charge
AT Section Trooper w/Rifle, Grenade NCO w/SMG, Kampfpistole   Trooper w/SMG, Satcher Charge
NCO w/SMG, Binoculars Trooper w/Rifle, Grenade 3x Trooper w/MMG   Trooper w/SMG, Satcher Charge
3x Trooper w/Light At Gun Trooper w/Scoped Rifle 3x Assistant w/Rifle   Trooper w/Rifle, Limpet Mine
3x Assistant w/Rifle Trooper w/SMG, Granatbuche 39 3x Assistant w/Rifle   Trooper w/SMG, Mine Detector
3x Assistant w/Rifle       Trooper w/SA Rifle, Grenade
3x Assistant w/Rifle       Trooper w/SA Rifle, Grenade
        Trooper w/SMG, Granatbuche 39
        Trooper w/Rifle, Grenade

Pistol (Officer): Walther P38

Pistol (NCO): Walther P38 or Lugger P08

Pistol (Other): Lugger P08 or C-96

SMG: MP 40 or MP 722 (f)

SA Rifle: Gew 39 or Gew 243 (f) or Gew 41, Mauser C-35

Rifle: Kar98k, Mauser C-35

Scoped Rifle: Gew98 w/Scope, Mauser C-35

Light AT Gun: 3.7cm Pak36 or 2.5cm Pak112 (f)

LMG: MG 34

MMG: MG34 w/Tripod