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Grenadier Abteilung 1939-1940 (Infantry Regiment)

With the glory of battle going to the SS and panzer units, the bulk of the German army still compromised of the venerable Grenadier (Infantryman). However much has been learned in lessons of World War I. The 1939 grenadier regiment featured huge leaps in equipement and organization from its basic great war infantry unit. Each infantry company was strengthened with its own heavy weapons platoon. Each infantry squad now featured a machine gun. All riflemen were equipped with automatic pistols to allow for fast, hard hitting attacks. Each regiment now featured either an armored car team to outflank the opposition or a especially trained assault pioneer company to break through it. Radios were common all across the broard to allow for a great increase in fighting efficiency. Light anti-aircraft and anti-tank assets were given to allow them to hold ground against all opponents. Due to a mass increase of heavy weapons each infantry company had support from its own heavy machine gun, anti-tank rifle, light mortar subunits. Only light anti-tank assets were its on major defficiancy in the face of heavier supperior French armor. This in total made the average grenadier regiment more than a match for any equal unit that had to go against it. Only their foot speed made them more of a mop-up and defensive unit, while the motorized assets got most of the 'glory'.

Grenadier Infantry:

Average Skill: 2 (Qualified)

Default Morale: 2 (Veteran)

Grenadier Abteilung Organization:

1 HQ Section

1 Lt Flak Zug (horse drawn)

1 Anti-Tank Zug (horse drawn)

1 Sturmpioneer Kompanie (Optional) or

1 Armored Car Zug (Optional)

3 Infantry Company:

1 HQ Section

3 Grenadier Zug

1 Hv Weapon Zug

1 Infantry Support Company:

1 HQ Section

1 Mortar Zug

1 MG Zug

1 Infantry Gun Zug

1 Sturmpioneer Company: (Optional)

1 Sturmpioneer HQ

3 Sturmpioneer Zug

Platoon Organization:

Grenadier Zug:

1 HQ Section

3 Infantry Sections

Grenadier Heavy Weapon Zug:

1 HQ Section

1 MG Section (3x MG Teams)

1 AT Rifle Section (3x AT Rifle Teams)

1 Lt Mortar Section (3x 51mm Mortar Teams)

Mortar Zug:

1 HQ Section

4x 81mm Mortar

MG Zug:

1 HQ Section

3x MG Section (9x MG Teams)

Infantry Gun Zug:

1 HQ Section

4x 75mm IG Gun

Lt Flak Zug:

4x 2cm Flak 30 + Horse

Anti Tank Zug:

4x 3.7cm Pak 36 + Horse

Armored Car Zug:

6x Sdkfz 222

Sturmpioneer Zug:

1 Sturmpioneer HQ

3 Sturmpioneer Section

Grenadier Infantry:

HQ Section Infantry Section Mortar Section Sturmpioneer HQ Sturmpioneer Section
Officer w/SMG, Binoculars NCO w/SMG, Grenade NCO w/SMG, Grenade Officer w/SMG, Binoculars NCO w/SMG, Grenade
NCO w/SMG, Radio Trooper w/LMG 3x Trooper w/51mm Mortar NCO w/SMG, Satchel Charge Trooper w/LMG
Trooper w/LMG Assistant w/Rifle 3x Assistant w/Rifle NCO w/SMG, Satchel Charge Assistant w/Rifle
Assistant w/Rifle Trooper w/SMG, Grenade 3x Assistant w/Rifle Trooper w/Rifle, Radio Trooper w/Flamethrower
Assistant w/Rifle Trooper w/Rifle, Grenade   Trooper w/LMG Trooper w/SMG, Satcher Charge
  Trooper w/Rifle, Grenade MG Section Assistant w/Rifle Trooper w/SMG, Satcher Charge
AT Rifle Section Trooper w/Rifle, Grenade NCO w/SMG, Grenade   Trooper w/SMG, Satcher Charge
NCO w/SMG, Grenade Trooper w/Rifle, Grenade 3x Trooper w/MMG   Trooper w/SMG, Satcher Charge
3x Trooper w/AT Rifle Trooper w/Scoped Rifle 3x Assistant w/Rifle   Trooper w/Rifle, Limpet Mine
3x Assistant w/Rifle Trooper w/Rifle, Rifle Grenade 3x Assistant w/Rifle   Trooper w/SMG, Mine Detector
3x Assistant w/Rifle       Trooper w/Rifle, Grenade
        Trooper w/Rifle, Grenade
        Trooper w/Rifle, Grenade
        Trooper w/Rifle, Grenade

Pistol (Officer): Walther P38

Pistol (NCO): Walther P38 or Lugger P08

Pistol (Other): Lugger P08 or C-96

SMG: MP 38

Rifle: Kar98k, Mauser C-35

Scoped Rifle: Gewehr98 w/Scope, Mauser C-35

AT Rifle: Panzerbuchse 39

LMG: MG 34

MMG: MG34 w/Tripod