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German Grenades

Stielhandgranate 24

Called the stick grenade or the potatoe masher, this was the staple hand grenade of the german infantry. Used throughout the war, it was an effective, if heavy weapon.




Nebelhandgranate 39

A common smoke grenade resembling the common potatoe masher although heavier. It contains 420g of a mixture of zinc powder and hexachlorophene which produced a smoke cloud upon detonation.


Smoke______0____x5/Smoke_ Throw_____0______2/30_____1________0.75


Geballte Ladung

Simply called a forceful charge, this was simply a stielhandgranate 24 with an additional 6 warheads attached and used as a common demolition, engineering and anti-vehicle duties. Well liked for the damage it dished out, it was common and used well through out the war.




Eihandgranate 39

The smaller egg hand grenade, it was used as common as the Stielhandgranate 24. Much smaller but more convenient to carry, it proved to be effective item to carry in numbers.




Blendkörper 2H

This was a special but common weapon. It was a glass bottle which contained 290g of a mixture of calcium chloride / titan tetrachloride / siliciumterachloride which were separated from each other with by a disc. When thrown, the explosion blinds the crews of enemy tank. Then, the ensuing smoke cloud with irritant is supposed to make the crew exit their vehicle. It is somewhat effective weapon, as nearly all tanks have are not protected against chemical attacks. A very effective weapon to capture equipment, if its not two windy.