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SA-L 34 L/72 25-mm Anti-Tank Gun

PaK 112(f)

Developed in the early thirties, it was the most numerous anti-tank gun of the French forces at the start of hostilities. It was a modern design sporting a long barraled 25mm anti-tank cannon. Known for its accuracy but low lethality, it only proved effective against armored cars, walkers and light tanks. Anything else could be dealt with, but only at dangerously close ranges. Germany captured thousands of these weapons and sold off many to Finish, Italian and Romanian forces who lacked anti-tank weapons and equipped their own line infantry units.

Year: 1934 Maneuver: -10 Armor: 3/6/9
Threat Value: 14 Fire Control: -2 Movement: Ground (Towed)
Size: 5 Sensors: n/a Deployement Range: n/a
Crew: 3 Communications: n/a  

Perks/Flaws: Reinforced Armor (R2, Front), Exposed FC, Exposed Crew, Exposed Movement System

Name Arc S M L Ex Acc DM # Ammo Spec
25mm L/72 T 4 8 16 32 0 x5 1 50 -