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Renault R-35 Light Tank

R-35, R-40, R-35DP, R-40DP, Pzkpfw R-40 (f)

Designed in 1934 as a replacement to the vintage FT-17, the R-35 proved an average vehicle. Hampered by an overburdened commander, weak armament and a lack of radio, it was destined to become and average light infantry tank. In all respects it was a simplified H-35, slower and lacking a radio. The 1938 requirement for rapid mechanization of foot infantry into Motorized and Mechanized Dragon Portes Regiments caused the R-35 to become severely modernized. The R-40 variant featured an upgraded 37mm cannon in addition to a radio enabling better battlefield control. Both the R-35 and the R-40 than began to be transformed into tank infantry carriers, with the addition of a tracked, armored open-topped infantry trailer based on the chaciss of the very same tank. Eight infantrymen were carried in this trailer while the vehicle provided mobile fire support. While only about a third of the 2000 tanks were converted to 'Infantry Fighting Vehicles', they proved so effective in the hands of select French regiments, that they were adopted, modernized and produced by the german war machine under the careful eye of Albert Speer, and handed out in limited fashion to Panzer Grenadier battalions after the capture of France. Only allied bombings in late 1943 caused the production of this popular vehicle to stop.

Year: 1935 Maneuver: -3 Armor: 10/20/30
Threat Value: 20 Fire Control: -2 Movement: 2/3
Size: 7 Sensors: None Deployement Range: 140 km
Crew: 2 Communications: None  

Perks/Flaws: Buttoned Up, Inefficient Controls, Large Sensor Profile (R1)

Name Arc S M L Ex Acc DM # Ammo Spec
37 mm Sa18 L/21 T 2 4 8 16 0 x5 1 100 -
7.5mm MG T 1 2 4 8 0 x2 1 2500 Rof2, AI, Coax


R-40 Threat Value: 30 Year: 1940

Remove: 37mm Sa18 L/21

Change: Armor to 11/22/33

Add: 37 mm Sa38 L/33, -2/3km Radio

Name Arc S M L Ex Acc DM # Ammo Spec
37 mm Sa38 L/33 T 3 6 12 24 0 x6 1 58 -


R-35/40 DP Threat Value: +10 Year: 1939

Change: Movement Ground to 1/3

Add: Partially Exposed Crew (8 Infantry), Passanger Seating (8), Weak Point (R1,Rear)


Pzkpfw R-40 (f) Threat Value: 35 Year: 1941

As R-40 DP but:

Remove: 37mm Sa18 L/21

Change: Armor to 11/22/33, Replace 7.5mm MG with 7.92mm MG

Add: 3.7cm Pak 36, Communications -1/3km

Name Arc S M L Ex Acc DM # Ammo Spec
3.7cm Pak 36 T 3 6 12 24 0 x7 1 50 -