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Régiment Légère Mécanique (Light Mechanised Regiment)

Part of the more numerous light cavalry divisions (Division Légère Mécanique) raised after the invasion of Poland, the light mechanized regiment was tasked as a screen for infantry divisions and an exploitation unit similar to the german Panzer forces. First created in 1934 these units were at first made out of 3 cavalry tank companies. However it was later deemed fit that they should also have their own reconnaissance assets or strike assets, and the third company became either the more common armored car or the rare assault gun unit. Only 10 Assault Cavalry tank regiments were raised as the SAu-40 production line was just gearing up, and the most encountered forces were equipped with armored cars. The French believed the walker to be too complicated a cavalry machine and believed that a mix of fast hitting armored cars could do the job. Assault gun units were common among the heavy tank regiments as a way of using strong firepower to break an enemy rather than maneuvering around them. This concept was carried over to light tank regiments as well but in only small numbers at the time of the german attack. Overall these units lacked credible command and control due to lack of radio's, lack of infantry support and air defense and were subsequently decimated by more coordinated German tank thrusts, infantry attacks and air power. Typically, 1 tank company was medium while the other was light. This gave a total of 3 medium, 3 light and either 3 armored car or 2 assault gun platoons.

Average Skill: 2 (Qualified)

Default Morale: 2(Rookie)

Régiment Légère Mécanique Organization:

1 HQ Tank Troop

2 Cavalary Tank Company:

1 HQ Tank Troop

3 Tank Troop

1 Armored Car Company: (Opt1)

1 HQ Armored Car Troop

3 Armored Car Troop

1 Assault Tank Company: (Opt2)

1 HQ Tank Troop

2 Assault Gun Troop

HQ Tank Troop: S-35 Command + Tank x2

Light Tank Troop: H-35 x4

Medium Tank Troop: S-35 x4

HQ Armored Car Troop: Panhard AMD 178 Command + Panhard AMD 178 x2

Light Armored Car Troop: Panhard AMD 178 x4

Assault Gun Troop: SaU40 x4