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Régiment Lourd Mécanique (Heavy Mechanised Regiment)

Raised in the early thirties as heavy cavalry tank regiments, these were created at first to support heavy infantry attacks, but later also became tasked with spearheading advances. At first formed of 3 tank companies, this was later reformed with the addition of a assault gun company to help spearhead attacks against fortified enemy as well as artillery support. This went in line with French doctrine of overwhelming firepower, and was seen as superior to new ideas of walkers or maneuver warfare. Typically 1 tank company was equipped with 3 medium tank platoons while the second was lavishly organized with 2 heavy and 1 super heavy platoons, plus the additional 3 troops of assault guns in the third company. This created a huge array of firepower and could take on the most determined german attacker or defender. However, the heavy tank regiment had many disadvantages as well. They were few in number as almost half of heavy and superheavy tanks were handed out piecemeal to infantry support companies. Lack of radios made these units very unwieldy and slow to respond. The French belief in firepower in the form of assault guns over more radical walkers of the British and German forces did not suit close combat in forest and urban terrain where they were made to fight in and as consequence they suffered. The lack of close infantry support caused havoc when fighting in build up areas, and last, their slow speed and complete lack of air defenses caused them to be slaughtered by german dive bombers, wherever they were spotted. They only rare instances of successful actions were seen when used to defend against a Panzer charge (lacking kampfer support) or when paired up with Mechanized Dragon Portes Battalions where combined heavy armor along with highly mobile and hard hitting mechanized infantry beat back even the most determined and audacious German attacker. Their major contribution was teaching Germans the strategies when dealing with slow cumbersome heavy tanks later used very successfully against the Soviet Union, , the validity of the use of combined arms units of tank, walker and mechanized infantry to spearhead breakthroughs and the employment of self propelled artillery to destroy enemy anti-armor assets at long range, which in the later years of war made tank charges and breakthroughs too costly.

Average Skill: 2 (Qualified)

Default Morale: 3 (Qualified)

Régiment Lourd Mécanique Organization:

1 HQ Tank Troop

2 Tank Company:

1 HQ Tank Troop

3 Tank Troop

1 Assault Tank Company:

1 HQ Tank Troop

3 Assault Gun Troop

HQ Tank Troop: Command Tank + Tank x2

Medium Tank Troop: FCM36 or S-35 x4

Heavy Tank Troop: Char B1 x4

Superheavy Tank Troop: FCM 2C or AMX-42 x4

Assault Gun Troop: ACL 135 or ARL V 39 x4