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Hotchkiss H-35 Light Tank

H-35, H-39

The H-35 was developed in 1934 intended to arm the Light Arm of the French Cavalery Formations. It was an average vehicle, and suffered problems common to all French tanks, such as overworked commander, lack of radio's and weak armament. Over 1,000 were produced before an improved model, the H-39 was introduced. It featured improved armor and armament, and fought well against the rampaging panzer troops. After the war, many were captured, with close to 300 given to the Italian Armored Corps. Germans themselves captured an entire production line of the H-39 tank and produced and modified captured vehicles to self-propelled guns such as the Marder I and Gw 39H (f) 10.5cm field gun.

Year: 1934 Maneuver: -3 Armor: 10/20/30
Threat Value: 20 Fire Control: -2 Movement: 3/5
Size: 8 Sensors: None Deployement Range: 150 km
Crew: 2 Communications: -1/3km*  

Perks/Flaws: Buttoned Up, Inefficient Controls, Large Sensor Profile (R1) *Only 1 in 4 tanks had a radio at the start of the war.

Name Arc S M L Ex Acc DM # Ammo Spec
37 mm Sa18 L/21 T 2 4 8 16 0 x5 1 100 -
7.5mm MG T 1 2 4 8 0 x2 1 2400 Rof2, AI, Coax


H-39 Threat Value: 30 Year: 1939

Remove: 37mm Sa18 L/21

Change: Armor to 11/22/33

Add: 37mm Sa38 L/33

Name Arc S M L Ex Acc DM # Ammo Spec
37 mm Sa38 L/33 T 3 6 12 24 0 x6 1 54 -