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ARL V 39 Assault Gun

This extremely sophisticated for it's time design began in 1936 as a more successful direct fire assault gun of the heavy tank regiment to supplement the ACL 135 in its role. The outcome was a design similar to the B1, however smaller and featuring only a hull mounted gun. This was the new powerful 75mm APX gun and featured several novel features such as a semi-automatic breech, an automatic loader and the ability to retract the barrel into the hull to shorten the vehicles length when moving. As well it featured an extremely sophisticated fire control with an imported British mark 2a computator as well as stereoscopic rangefinder to improve the guns accuracy on the battlefield. These were expensive machines and though performed very well, only select units of heavy tank battalions received them in time for the invasion. Very few examples were captured by the invaders, and the factory set up for their production was destroyed by French Engineers before its eventual capture. As such they were not seen in German service although their fire control units were quickly sent to Germany for further study.

Year: 1939 Maneuver: -3 Armor: 12/24/36
Threat Value: 65 Fire Control: -1 Movement: 2/4
Size: 10 Sensors: None Deployement Range: 180 km
Crew: 4 Communications: -1/3km  

Perks/Flaws: Buttoned Up, Inefficient Controls, Large Sensor Profile (R1), Random Shutdown (R1), Defective FC (R2)

Name Arc S M L Ex Acc DM # Ammo Spec
75mm APX FF 5 10 20 40 0 x9 1 200 -