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ACL 135 Assault Gun

ACL 135, Pzkpfw ACL135(f)

Created by Ateliers et Chantiers de la Loire (ACL) as a mobile support weapon it was one of the worlds first assault guns. Mounting a powerful 135mm gun used by french battle cruisers, it was designed to supplement the FCM 2C super heavy tank to provide direct and indirect fire support wherever needed. It was a heavy, slow and troublesome design but as the heavy mechanized regiments already featured these qualities, it was not thought to be a major problem. Slow to manufacture but relatively inexpensive, they were produced until 1938 as nothing better was appearing on the design board. It's indirect fire capabilities were thought to be adequate but trials showed that it lacked capability in the direct fire battle. As such the lighter ARL V 39 began being produced to augment the firepower of the heavy tank regiment, and proved to be much superior in this task, though it lacked adequate indirect fire support. A mix of 2 platoons of ACL 135 and one of the lighter ARL V 39 were used at the time of the German invasion. Over 200 were captured by the germans and grouped into heavy self propelled artillery regiments at the start of operation Barbarossa.

Year: 1933 Maneuver: -3 Armor: 12/24/36
Threat Value: 120 Fire Control: -2 Movement: 2/3
Size: 12 Sensors: None Deployement Range: 100 km
Crew: 5 Communications: -2/2km*  

Perks/Flaws: Buttoned Up, Inefficient Controls, Large Sensor Profile (R1), Random Shutdown (R1), Brittle Armor, * Only 1 in 4 vehicles had a radio.

Name Arc S M L Ex Acc DM # Ammo Spec
135mm Naval Cannon FF 24 48 96 192 -3 x13 1 50 MR17, AE1, Slow R1