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Gear Kreig: Iron Fist


Welcome to Gear Kreig: Iron First, a web site dedicated to Dream Pod's Gear Kreig wargame. Inside you will find data, resources and background material for Gear Kreig: Tactical Wargame, Gear Kreig: RPG, and Luft Kreig. All pictures are copywritten by their respective authors. DP9 Artwork Copyright 2002 Dream Pod 9, Inc. Otherwise all material and pen sketches are written or drawn by Chris Wo except where noted. And now onwards....


Here you will find simple information about latest updates.


General info on the universe of Gear Kreig can be found here.

The Shop

This section holds all technical and RPG information the various weapons, vehicles and equipment used in the Gear Kreig universe. Stats for the GK: Tactical Wargame, GK: RPG and later Luft Krieg can be found here.

My T.o.e.

Here you will find the revised and updated Tables of Organization and Equipement for the various factions found in Gear Kreig and later Luft Kreig.

The Book

Additional rules and more so, optional scenarios can be found here.


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